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Welcome to the official Quarantine Network Kingdoms Wiki. Here you can find detailed information about the Kingdoms system. This is not a tutorial! A tutorial is located at the spawn. If you find any errors, please report them to me (Quirines#0001 in Discord).

The Kingdoms system is split into three big parts: Characters, The Market and Kingdoms.

In the server, you can create your own character. You can choose a profession and assign attributes to your character. Click here for more information.

The Market
The market is an inventory GUI which players can click on items to cycle through the market and buy items. The market is made up of items sold to the market, and any player can sell items to the market. This way you can gain money, but also buy items you don't have. Click here for more information.

Players can group together and form what is called a kingdom. A kingdom can claim land and have it protected. Owning land costs a small hourly tax on the kingdom's treasury. Each Kingdom has a custom banner to represent them. Kingdom land can be destroyed or taken with Wars (aka Challenges). Click here for more information.

We have also added some extra crafting recipes. Check them out here

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