Kingdom rules

Bug abuse and/or hacking is forbidden and will result in a permanent ban!
Be honest to Staff, we can see everything in the server logging.
The use of alt accounts is not allowed.
Combat logging is forbidden.
All mods are forbidden, with the exception of Optifine

During peacetime you are not allowed to go to another Kingdoms land without their permission

Wars can be issued by anyone, but do have some restrictions. Check Wars.
TNT tnt use is limited for entry or looting only! Unnecessary use will be punished.

Kingdom Chat
The main network rules applies to this chat, but with a few ajustments.
You are allowed to talk your native language in the private Kingdom chat.
A little bit of swearing is allowed, but it is limited by the server rules.
When a kingdom member breaks a network rule, the King is hold responsible!

Invading / protecting / claiming
Walking around in another Kingdom is on your own risk, the other kingdom is allowed to kill you when you are tresspassing their claimed grounds.
The first claim will be registerd as your Capital city, if you wish to ajust your Capital please make a ticket.
You are responsible for claiming your own land.
When a Kingdom attacks your Capital it cannot claim that land after the attacking Kingdom has won. It is only for looting. If a Kingdom attacks any other land than your Capital it can claim that land after they have won!

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