Attributes are specific to each player. They are leveled up as your profession levels up. Each profession levels up attributes best associated with that profession's job. Attributes come in very handy for PVP or PVE.

Increases Damage, and mining speed.
Default Damage Multiplier: 0.5 - 1.5
Haste: 0 - 2

Increases hit points, and health regeneration rate.
Default Health: 16 - 40
Default Regen Multiplier: 0.5 - 1.5

Increases movement speed.
Default: 0.80 - 2.0 Speed
Max: 10.0 Speed
Min: 0.0 Speed (Can't move)

Increases hunger regeneration rate. This makes it possible to run for a much longer time without eating.
Increases potion effect time for positive splash potions (Coming soon)
Decreases potion effect time for negative splash potions (Coming soon)
Makes attacks deteriorate slower while in combat (Coming soon)
Hunger regeneration Default: 0 - 4

Increased chance of rare drops (75%), survival of a mortal wound (10%) (reverts damage that would have taken you to below 0 HP, to put it back to HALF HP), double xp (100%), higher enchantments (75%), better potion effects (90%), critical hits (50%), tool damage canceled (100%), reduced damage (40%), and catching a fish (90%).
Each player has a 0% - 40% chance depending on their luck level. The chance is multiplied by the chance of a specific event.

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