Wars (our attacking system)

In our system, there are a couple of things you need to have before you can plan a complete attack. There are 2 types of attacks.
- Siege (Attack on a city)
- Outpost attack (Attack on an outpost)

The requirements for an Outpost are:
- An outpost is a claim of atleast 1 chunk
- It contains a chest room
- It has a wall of at least 1 thick
- It has a tower with a lookout over the path.

The requirements of city are:
- 3 or more buildings
- A minimal amount 16 chunks claimed
- A wall of at least 3 blocks thick
- A chest room
- An armour room (chamber)
- A throne
- A city holder/mayor (1 man who controls the city)

How to win
As an attacker you win by eliminating all defenders.
As a defender. You win by eliminating all attackers or my holding them off for 1 hour.

- You are not allowed to attack any enemy outpost or city if you do not have at least 1 outpost yourself!
- The outpost and cities have to be placed alongside a road. If you do not have a road beside your outpost, you can request it from Staff.
- All of the cities and outposts must be reported to staff and they need to be checked. You are not allowed to attack an outpost/city if they are not approved by Staff. If Staff approved a city/outpost, there will be a mark on the gate.

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